Monday 6th April 2009

by rkhooks


Recently my place has been turned into a test kitchen for all things mooncake related in preparation for my class this Wednesday. I had made them a while ago but I’m now trying to perfect my snowskin recipe, mooncake technique and find some flavoursome fillings. If you’ve never heard of snowskin mooncakes. Here’s a quick lowdown: Chinese p


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6 Responses to “Mooncake madness”

  1. rkhooks says:

    Hi Celeste,
    You actually don’t have to fry the flour. It comes already fried. Just check on the packaging for “fried glutinous rice flour”.

  2. Celeste says:

    hi, how do i “fry” the glutinous rice flour to get the fried glutinous rice flour?

  3. Oh, delicious! I guess these are similar to what our local Chinese Restaurant gives us every now and again.

  4. these are wonderful – beautiful photos

  5. sooishi says:

    Super cute!
    Et en plus

  6. Really interesting. I ve never tried moon cakes, wish to though :)

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