Saturday 22nd March 2008

by rkhooks


Remember back in October my fifth time lucky muffins? Well, this week the book came out for which we (La Cocotte and I) wrote the recipe for. The delivery guy hardly made it through the bookshop’s door this Tuesday I was so excited. Like a kid on Christmas day I ripped open the box and flicked through the book to find my recipe. Very very happy with the result (I’m even in the picture, well half of me is ;-) ) and the book has lots of other amazingly delicious recipes too (Rhubarb & strawberry, sticky toffee…the list goes on). Taking a leaf out of the book, my mum and I decided to invent our own muffin recipe. Currently at my parents this weekend, with the weather being snowy one minute, sunshiny the other, the best bet is to stay inside.

If you’re in Paris on the 29th March we’ll be having a “Muffin” booklaunch at La Cocotte. So do pop by if you’re around. There’ll be lots of tasty muffins to eat.


These muffins would be for a perfect packed lunch. Easy to make, with sunflower seeds and a fruit component. This is a much healthier dessert option than a chocolate bar. Check out Coffee & Vanilla’s Wholesome lunchbox event for other great ideas!

Lemon, sunflower seed & plum compote Muffins
taken from “Les recettes de Bob: Muffins originaux et authentiques”

Muffin mixture

2 eggs
110ml sunflower oil
150ml milk
110g sugar
240g self raising flower
75g sunflower seeds, chopped
1 lemon

Plum/Oat mix
75g oats
100g plum pur


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10 Responses to “They’re not Bob’s muffins…they’re mine, all mine!”

  1. LadySaotome says:

    Those look excellent. I bet dates would work well as a plum substitute, too.

  2. Mum says:

    Hi Rachel, thanks for the muffin-baking time at Easter! Didn’t realise baking muffins was so easy. I’ve done some with a 3-yr old this week. She loved mixing up all the ingredients. The oats give it some goodness and the lemon juice and zest a lovely fragrance and of course a good dose of Vitamin C.

    N.B.: Your new website looks good too!

  3. sarah says:

    oh, i love the shape…gives a muffin some class ;)

  4. rkhooks says:

    Margot, Amanda, Mari & Brilynn – Thanks. I used a mould which is normally used for canneles and the cup and saucer is from Grandma’s Royal Worcester tea set.

    Liska – Thanks so much for trying out my recipe even though you’re not such a muffin fan :-)

  5. Mari says:

    Nice styling, and beautiful muffins!

  6. brilynn says:

    Congrats! Those muffins look great, love that you used molds for them.

  7. Liska says:

    Congratulations, Rachel on this book :) I don’t bake muffins very often because I’m not a big fan of them, but yours look very interesting and… different. I should bake them.

  8. amanda says:

    that cup and saucer is adorable! I just read your about section on your main page and I had no idea you used to work in PR and marketing! That’s my major. But I secretly dream of going to pastry school. Sounds like you are living my dream. I might have to email you for some tips :)

  9. Thank you Rachel for your entry for the Wholesome Lunchbox!
    Beautiful muffins :)


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