Monday 28th January 2008

by rkhooks


Nothing beats a big bowl of steaming porridge first thing in the morning. Made in minutes, it keeps you full for hours (hey! I should go into advertising with these kind of slogans ;-) ) Plus there are all those nutritional benefits. A perfect comfort food I say. No wonder the 3 bears and Goldilocks like a bowl.

Quite a few people seem to have had a traumatising porridge experience. It’s either been too lumpy, too watery (I’m definetly a “no water” porridge person) or with a burnt taste. But to be honest that shouldn’t be the case. There’s no science in making porridge, really (unless you’re Heston Blumenthal). Just keep stirring while you’re cooking and that way you’re avoid any “possible” lumps or burning.

I like to soak my oats in milk the night before. That way they’re a lot more plumper and you get a creamy result. There are many different types oats. In a nutshell the finer the oats, the quicker they’re cook and the smoother the result.

Meeta @ “What’s for lunch honey” is organising a “comfort food” event. Check it out for other homely recipes.

Creamy almond porridge with apple capaccio
serves 1

2 handfuls of oats
600ml almond milk (I used sweetened but you can use unsweetened and add sugar to taste)
1 apple
Golden syrup (optional)

Soak the oats overnight in half the almond milk. In the morning pour the rest of the milk into the pot and heat gently until the mixture starts to bubble and becomes thick and creamy. Stir constantly while heating the porridge. Use a mandolin or a knife to finely slice the apple. Garnish with the apple capaccio and drizzle with golden syrup.

Et voil


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12 Responses to “Someone’s been eating my porridge – Creamy almond porridge with apple capaccio”

  1. candyce says:

    Porridge just reminds me of being a toddler, having breakfast with my little sister at our mini tea table. :) Beautiful photograph, and even better recipe. The idea of using anything other than regular milk has never crossed my mind, but I will be sure to give this a try! Looks delicious!

  2. So tasty, healthy and simple..Nice blog too!

  3. Meeta says:

    I am not a huge porridge fan but this looks great and really well worth a try. Brilliant entry!

  4. Marie says:

    Hey Rachel ! That was a pleasure to see you at La Cocotte yesterday. Thanks for the pasta book, it’s gorgeous ;)
    Hope to see you very soon …. Marie

  5. Get well soon Rachel!!
    And once again congratulations :)


  6. Annina says:

    I really like your blog and so I added your link on my one! Hope this is ok for you! So… go on like this! Greetings from Switzerland, Annina (Ann)

  7. Indigo says:

    Mmm, a bowl of hot porridge is just right for winter ^__^. Looks great!

    By the way – I’ve tagged you for a meme on my blog. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but the link’s here:


  8. Congratulations Rachel,
    You have been voted the most Inspiring Food Photographer of January 2008!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Margot

  9. rkhooks says:

    Amanda – your version with cinnamon and banana sounds delish!
    Evelin – Definetly worth a try, you won’t regret it. LIke Sophie says, you can just use a microwave.
    Sophie – Totally forgot that you can use a microwave. I don’t have one at home, wish I did. Would make life so much easier =)

  10. Sophie says:

    Lovely looking porridge Rachel! I must admit that can’t be doing with all that stirring and use the microwave. Pear is lovely with porridge too if you haven’t tried it already (I tend to grate in my fruit)

  11. Evelin says:

    An oatmeal porridge made with almond milk! What a wonderful idea!:)
    I definitely share your feelings on the subject – porridge is the best way to start a morning. Still I tend to eat it too seldom… I have to try this one out, though. Thanks!

  12. Amanda says:

    mm I love me some porridge. I haven’t had some in a while, but every morning I look forward to my big bowl of oatmeal piping hot w/ a dash of cinnamon and milk, topped with a banana. It’s literally my favorite meal of the day :)

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