Wednesday 31st October 2007

by rkhooks


The days have been zooming past extremely quickly. Falling like the leaves on the trees at the mo. They’ve been filled up with plenty of delicious (very exciting) things. I was busy making plenty of Christmas food for a

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10 Responses to “Fifth time lucky muffins”

  1. Alascyr Santos says:

    Delicious!! I know I’m gonna that one of my favorite dessert! thank you.

  2. Merci pour cette recette de cuisine, sympa =)

  3. MariannaF says:

    WOW, these look so scrumptiously delicious!!!Mmmm, totally mouthwatering. Definately need to try this, if I have the time I’ll probably even make them tonight!

  4. Tartelette says:

    Absolutely mouth watering! It’s got all the thigs I love: dulce de leche, nuts, cream cheese,hmmhmmhmmm! Great recipe!

  5. looking good! When is the next cocotte event?

  6. amooshi says:

    Thanks for ‘doin’ it again’ with dulce de leche. Will give those a try VERY soon!

  7. linda says:

    Wow, they look sooo delicious!

  8. onestopcook says:

    Your making me hungry!! I have to print this and get my muffin pan out. I love to bake and this sounds very tasty. Thanks.

  9. salobrena says:

    Omg these look like heaven right here on earth!

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