Tuesday 24th July 2007

by rkhooks


The past week has been bit of a week of failures. I have been testing vegetarian marshmallow recipes (yet to succeed, anyone who says you can use agar agar instead of gelatin to make veggie marshmallows is a LIAR. I know I tried 4 times ) and then I tried to make a dulce de leche nougat. Did not work.

I was left with lots of agar agar marshmallow gloop (not edible) and with a dulce de leche nougat which didn’t set (very edible). So with the Parisian weather warming up and the beach opening this week. I thought this would make a perfect flavour for an ice cream…dulce de leche with a nutty hazelnut nougat …miam miam and this certainly turned out to be the perfect combo. Went down a storm with the neighbours.

The recipe is really a nougat recipe which has whipped cream folded into at the end. It’s a bit thrown together (you may want to reduce the quantity of nuts). For other ice cream recipes/stories check out Yum sugar.

Dulce de leche & nougat ice cream

2 egg whites
300g sugar
100ml water
400ml whipping cream
180g dulce de leche
150g hazelnuts

You will need a sugar thermometer and a stand mixer

Dry roast hazelnuts. Leave to cool. Put sugar and water in a large pan and stir over gentle heat until sugar is completely dissolved. Boil carefully to 290F, 145

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6 Responses to “Dulce de leche & nougat ice cream”

  1. rkhooks says:

    Cheryl – I’m waiting impatiently for your dlc blog post…

    Patricia – Join the club, maybe I should start a dlc anonymous ;-)

    Peabody & Paris Breakfasts – Thanks a mil, shame shipping ice cream is a bit difficult…

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  3. No question!
    It looks totally edible to me.

  4. peabody says:

    That looks unbelievably good!!!

  5. It looks luscious! I love dulce de leche so much!

  6. Cheryl says:

    Just wow, simply wow. I am really going to have to try dulce on day. I must now after seeing this!!

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